Home Improvements….Why?

I’m not sure when we actually started discussing our home renovations. This is

Alfresco Dining
Alfresco Dining

the first house we built and it became apparent over the years that some of the design decisions we made then were not practical nor efficient use of space. The outdoor sitting area compromised the size of our living room and the children’s bedrooms too. There was also a tiny balcony they shared which was not usable. The family study on the 3rd floor was underutilized, as we all preferred to hang out in the living room…nearer to the fridge, the TV and the internet connection!Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0182

Then there was the natural wear and tear. The roof was leaking in 4 different spots, and as the months go by, each spot was increasing in size. Room doors needed replacing, cupboard laminates were getting unstuck. The exposed roof rafters attracted many bats, who left their mark on the walls and floors.

Old Photographs of Pat and Jill
Old Photographs of Pat and Jill

Don’t get me wrong, we love our home! Located in an old estate just at the edge of Lower Pierce Reservoir, it was not only close to nature, but also a convenient distance to good local food (from prata to zi char) and a supermarket. It’s filled with wonderful memories of our kids growing up, with Patrick only 2 when we moved in and Jillian arriving 2 years later. It was where we had many parties with good friends and family ….chatting, eating, drinking, dancing! Time passed in a flash and it’s been 18 years since we moved in.

Cooking with the Hubs
Cooking with the Hubs

It was in this house where the hubs and I started cooking together, often enjoying a bottle of good wine in the process! It is also our hope that as our teenage children grow into young adults, they will want to continue living with us, in a space that suits their lifestyle.

So the Hubs and I sat down and planned out what we could do within the limitations of our space, design and money. Then with the help of our friend and architect Paul Merry and his team from Urban Research Lab, we started on our home improvement project. One thing led to another, and the project objective grew from repair, to one of reconfiguring and restyling.

These are exciting times!

Photo credits: Hui-E Seeto & Moh Chean Sim


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